Weekly Nibble: February 7, 2020

Yesterday was the first installment of this month’s Book Worms program. Our book this time is Rhino in the House: The True Story of Saving Samia by Daniel Kirk. I love to incorporate non-fiction when I can into this program, and the children LOVE books about animals. The story of conservationist Anna Merz and Samia the rhino is so sweet, and the illustrations are so charming that this was guaranteed to be a winner. Kirk also includes back matter about Anna Merz and the rhinoceros sanctuary she helped establish. There are real photographs from Kirk’s time in Kenya researching the story as well. This story is heartwarming and will hopefully inspire a new generation of animal activists.

For our craft, I found this adorable paper rhino idea, which proved to be a challenge for some of the kiddos, but overall, I think they enjoyed it. I walked them through step-by-step, and for this week’s program, I had the assistance of a helpful Boy Scout who needed community service hours. (He’s also one of our regular patrons and a really smart, sweet kid.) He was patient and kind in assisting the younger kiddos with a challenging craft. (It absolutely blew their minds that there was no glue involved!) In fact, he even made a mini version of the paper rhino for one of the kiddos he was working with. Adorable!

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