Weekly Nibble: October 2, 2020

This week, I had my second Zoom session with my Book Worms kiddos. We read Bonaparte Falls Apart by Margery Cuyler and made Q-tip skeletons. I had fifteen kiddos and it was a wild ride from start to finish. We had multiple technical difficulties, one kid had a breakdown over the craft, and all of … Continue reading Weekly Nibble: October 2, 2020

Weekly Nibble: September 4, 2020

I just wanted to pop in to share some good news from this week! Ever since our library closed, we've been hesitant to use Zoom for programming very much. We've used it for meetings and I've used it to update our Librarians-in-Training on library happenings, but not much else. Our preschool librarians are worried it's … Continue reading Weekly Nibble: September 4, 2020

Red Knit Cap Girl: Celebrate Earth Hour!

Age Range: 5-8 year olds; All AgesTime: 45 minutes - 1 hourProgram Type: Registration; After Hours I can't remember when I first heard about Earth Hour, but for years, I have looked forward to turning out the lights, shutting down, and thinking about my carbon footprint and what I can do to lower it. I … Continue reading Red Knit Cap Girl: Celebrate Earth Hour!

Weekly Nibble: February 7, 2020

Yesterday was the first installment of this month's Book Worms program. Our book this time is Rhino in the House: The True Story of Saving Samia by Daniel Kirk. I love to incorporate non-fiction when I can into this program, and the children LOVE books about animals. The story of conservationist Anna Merz and Samia … Continue reading Weekly Nibble: February 7, 2020

Kind-Bomb the Library: Spreading a Little Love

Age Range: All AgesTime: 30 minutes to 1 hourProgram Type: Drop-In; Passive This program is perfect any time of year, but especially as February is approaching along with Random Acts of Kindness Week (February 16-23, 2020). Kind-bombing is so simple to do that it doesn't even have to be a time-allotted sit-down program. You could … Continue reading Kind-Bomb the Library: Spreading a Little Love

Minecraft Party: A Guaranteed Hit!

This post was originally published at Bryce Don't Play. Edits have been made to the original post. Outdated/irrelevant information has been struck through. Age Range: 5-12 years oldTime: 1 to 1.5 hoursProgram Type: Registration; Drop-In This month’s program is another high-interest one: Minecraft Party! This would be great for Libraries Rock! Summer Reading (rock, mining, there’s … Continue reading Minecraft Party: A Guaranteed Hit!

Weekly Nibble: June 7, 2019

What a whirlwind! Summer reading kicked off this week, and so far, everyone is still in one piece! We had two coworkers out on vacation (which normally doesn't happen the first week, but there were special circumstances), so naturally, everyone is feeling a bit frazzled and exhausted by today. But so far, we've registered a … Continue reading Weekly Nibble: June 7, 2019