Weekly Nibble: February 14, 2020

Happy Valentine’s Day! This Nibble is a little late because it has been an eventful week! In years past, we’ve done a series of Dr. Seuss skits and puppet shows for Read Across America. Last year, however, we introduced an Elephant & Piggie skit into our repertoire and decided to move away from Dr. Seuss and celebrate Mo Willems instead! His birthday is February 11, which isn’t too far away from when we’d normally do our Dr. Seuss skits. We picked four Elephant & Piggie books to act out: Let’s Go for a Drive!, Watch Me Throw the Ball!, Pigs Make Me Sneeze!, and I Really Like Slop! We had some Pigeon interludes between skits as well. Somewhere between 10 and 12 local schools (I lost count!) brought their kindergarten classes for field trips to see us, and we had one public performance for almost 100 people! It was an exhausting week, but a really fun one too! I am already looking forward to next year! =)

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