Weekly Nibble: December 20, 2019

I finished up my last few programs of 2019 this week! Looking back on a year of programming is always fun to do. This year has had its highs and lows for sure, but overall, I think it’s been a good one! As an exercise in reflection, I’m going to spend this Nibble looking back on what I consider my biggest programming and other professional successes of the year.

In January 2019, we started our Snoozefest tradition that we will be continuing in 2020. It was also when our first round of Librarian-in-Training began with ten fresh-faced kiddos excited to learn all about our jobs!

In February, we collaborated with Parks and Rec to host a wildly successful wilderness survival program for children and families. I also took part in our Dr. Seuss programs for the first time ever for Read Across America week, playing Gerald in a brand new Elephant & Piggie skit (which the kiddos loved) and manning the shadow puppets for The Shape of Me & Other Stuff.

In March, we hosted our first ever Tech Take-Apart Workshop. This was a collaborative effort among myself, the teen librarian, and an adult services librarian, and it was a smash (pun intended)! This is another program we’ve already planned to bring back in 2020. I was also selected to go to a NASA @ My Library training with two other librarians from our region for two days. It was a privilege and I came away with so many great ideas that served me well during summer reading.

In April, I hosted the Unicorn-ival which will probably always be one of my favorite programs ever. Librarian-in-Training wrapped up our first year with ten alumni who learned so much over those fifteen weeks about librarianship and became amazing little library advocates. I also presented for the first time ever at a professional conference for the Tennessee Library Association on how to expand your school year outreach with limited staff and resources.

In May, Kip and I took our combined weirdness on the road to promote summer reading at all of the local city schools. We are still quoting that dang skit.

In June, we hosted our largest ever comic con, LibCon III: Close Encounters of the Nerd Kind. It was an amazing day spent with incredible people.

By the end of July, it was clear that we had record numbers of participation for our summer reading outreach program. Kip and I registered just shy of 1,000 kiddos in outreach groups alone, not including the general public that registered at the library or online. Our outreach kids read over 250,000 minutes over the course of not even two months. We couldn’t have been more proud.

In August, we rested. =)

In September, I presented at ARSL on Librarian-in-Training, finally taking advantage of an opportunity to spread the word about this wonderful program. The response since then has been phenomenal. I also began my series of revamped book clubs which you’ve seen here on the blog as Book Scouts. Attendance has so far picked up from that of the old format, and I’m hoping it continues to grow.

In October, we hosted our first ever Haunted Library Scavenger Hunt after hours. I got to deface our old mascot and patrons got to run around a darkened, spooky library after hours. Win-win for everyone. =)

In November, Kip and I made our unofficial debut as our storm-chasing, musical alter egos, The Serenadoes. (i.e., we hosted an indoor campout for families and sang some really silly songs and told some really silly stories around a fake campfire for a small audience). It was a blast!

This month, I convinced my husband to lead our Hour of Code program and to actually do something on the computers with the kids (previously I had stuck to my comfort level of no-tech). He did a wonderful job, and I hope he will be willing to do more in the future. I also had my first gig as a webinar presenter for the Nebraska Library Commission, which hopefully will take Librarian-in-Training to even larger numbers of library professionals!

What were some of your successes this past year? Share in the comments!

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