Weekly Nibble: December 27, 2019

I hope that everyone has had a cozy week filled with light and love! It’s been a very quiet week professionally, but a busy one socially. Last Saturday, Kip had a solstice/birthday party at her place. We had three Christmases this week, one with my mom, one with my husband’s family, and one with just the two of us. Last night we went to see The Rise of Skywalker and hang out with some dear friends, and tonight we’re heading over to another friend’s house to watch the season finale of The Mandalorian and play board games. And tomorrow is my husband’s birthday! (This really makes us sound like social butterflies, but typically we are hermits and apparently only the holidays and Star Wars can bring us out of our dens.)

I’m grateful to have some time off work to focus on other aspects of life, but one of the (somewhat) professional things that still follows me is my yearly reading goal. Normally, I set my Goodreads goal at 100 books per year, which I’ve met (sometimes under the wire) for the last three-ish years now. (I don’t include picture books in that count.)

This year, for some reason, I’ve been feeling a little reading burnout, and late in the year, I had to knock my goal down to 50 because there was no way I was getting to 100. I’m at 44 as of today, so I’m hoping I can read roughly a book a day for the rest of this week to fulfill my goal. I’ve still got about five days off from work and a huge pile on my nightstand, so hopefully I can make it.

I’ll post my year in books either here or on Instagram (maybe both) once I’ve completed it. Who else is frantically trying to cram all the last minute books in this week? What’s been your favorite book you’ve read this year?

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