Weekly Nibble: September 27, 2019

Usually by now, I’m knee-deep in Thrill the World practices, but sadly, we could not make it work with our schedule this year. In lieu of those events, Youth, Teen, and Adult Services have teamed up to offer an after-hours Haunted Library Scavenger Hunt for ages 10 and up. We’ve had a pretty explosive response from the public! Our registration and waiting lists are already full almost a month out from the program date!

We decided to have different haunted areas in different parts of the library, and I was tasked with turning our front reading room into a spooky forest. I’ve been working diligently on decorations this week, my favorite of which so far has to be my giant spider created out of a mishmash of closet supplies. I don’t have finished photos of him yet, but I will give you a little sneak peek at some of the things I’ve been working on.

Stay tuned for more detail after the event on October 19!

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