Outfit of the Month: April 2020

Y'all thought you were going to get to see my terrible quarantine bangs again this month, didn't you? While I have been learning to become a lot more comfortable with the way I look on camera, I honesty haven't really been putting on regular clothes most days. So this month's outfit is a little different. … Continue reading Outfit of the Month: April 2020

Minecraft Party: A Guaranteed Hit!

This post was originally published at Bryce Don't Play. Edits have been made to the original post. Outdated/irrelevant information has been struck through. Age Range: 5-12 years oldTime: 1 to 1.5 hoursProgram Type: Registration; Drop-In This month’s program is another high-interest one: Minecraft Party! This would be great for Libraries Rock! Summer Reading (rock, mining, there’s … Continue reading Minecraft Party: A Guaranteed Hit!