Weekly Nibble: June 26, 2020

Trying to remember this little snippet of wisdom as it looks like it may be a while yet before my job returns to any semblance of "normal." It's been so easy to get caught up in comparing my digital programming to what other people are doing (including sometimes, my own coworkers). Never have I felt … Continue reading Weekly Nibble: June 26, 2020

Weekly Nibble: March 27, 2020

This week marks my first full week of being at home. It's been strange and surreal, to say the least. A great article has been floating around social media this week by the Harvard Business Review that talks about grief (and there have been many others published since addressing this topic). I don't think that … Continue reading Weekly Nibble: March 27, 2020

Kind-Bomb the Library: Spreading a Little Love

Age Range: All AgesTime: 30 minutes to 1 hourProgram Type: Drop-In; Passive This program is perfect any time of year, but especially as February is approaching along with Random Acts of Kindness Week (February 16-23, 2020). Kind-bombing is so simple to do that it doesn't even have to be a time-allotted sit-down program. You could … Continue reading Kind-Bomb the Library: Spreading a Little Love

Weekly Nibble: November 1, 2019

A beautiful, delicious cookie. What's in a cookie? I mean, besides sugar, flour, butter, chocolate chips, all the standard stuff. But metaphorically speaking, what's in a cookie? Allow me to ruminate for a few moments on what this particular cookie meant to me this week. I've been dealing with a lot of emotional and professional … Continue reading Weekly Nibble: November 1, 2019