Weekly Nibble: January 24, 2020

We started our third annual Battle of the Books last week, and I wanted to share our new bracket with you today! The books are always selected by the children, and it's so interesting to see which titles are the same from year to year and which new ones appear. Here's how the first round … Continue reading Weekly Nibble: January 24, 2020

Book Recommendations: I Survived Read-Alikes

Last month's Book Scouts theme was another one outside of my normal realm of preferred reading. I did some digging, and I think I unearthed some titles fit for fans of Lauren Tarshis's series that are hungry for more. I certainly found several non-fiction titles that I'd like to check out! Picture Books Pup and … Continue reading Book Recommendations: I Survived Read-Alikes

Weekly Nibble: September 20, 2019

If you follow the Much Hamsters Instagram, you know that I mentioned starting a brand new program series this week. When I first took over school age programming, the book club structure had been the same for a while. The staff person running the book clubs would select one chapter book that the kids would … Continue reading Weekly Nibble: September 20, 2019