Weekly Nibble: January 10, 2020

This week was Snoozefest! I have been looking forward to this ever since we started it last year! A week of pajama parades, stuffed animals, and lullabies; I mean, what more could you ask for after the hustle and bustle of the holiday season? I've alluded to our Kids in Need Foundation grant a couple … Continue reading Weekly Nibble: January 10, 2020

Weekly Nibble: December 20, 2019

I finished up my last few programs of 2019 this week! Looking back on a year of programming is always fun to do. This year has had its highs and lows for sure, but overall, I think it's been a good one! As an exercise in reflection, I'm going to spend this Nibble looking back … Continue reading Weekly Nibble: December 20, 2019

Snoozefest: Start Your Year Off Right – in PJ’s!

Age Range: All Ages (tailored to fit specific age groups for individual programs)Time: 30 minutes to 1.5 hours (depending on age group)Program Type: Registration; Drop-In; Series/Theme Across Age Ranges Often when planning my monthly Book Worms program, I consult the weird holiday websites to search for a fun theme. Last winter, when looking for new … Continue reading Snoozefest: Start Your Year Off Right – in PJ’s!

Unicorn-ival: A Punny Pony Party!

Age Range: 5-8 year olds; younger elementary; familiesTime: 45 minutes to 1 hourProgram Type: Registration; Drop-In; Outreach I've alluded to this program a few times on the blog and on Instagram, and I mentioned it to my ARSL audience in September. Therefore, I think it's finally time that I share it here in full! I … Continue reading Unicorn-ival: A Punny Pony Party!

Battle of the Bands: My First Ever Made-From-Scratch Escape Room!

This post was originally published at Bryce Don't Play. Edits have been made to the original post. Outdated/irrelevant information has been struck through. New information has been added in red. Age Range: All Ages; Families with children 8 and upTime: 15 minutes for brief & 45 minute time limit for the room; total of one … Continue reading Battle of the Bands: My First Ever Made-From-Scratch Escape Room!

Weekly Nibble: September 20, 2019

If you follow the Much Hamsters Instagram, you know that I mentioned starting a brand new program series this week. When I first took over school age programming, the book club structure had been the same for a while. The staff person running the book clubs would select one chapter book that the kids would … Continue reading Weekly Nibble: September 20, 2019