The Library Rules: A Hilarious Game Show Competition to Keep Your Patrons Laughing!

Virtual programming has been a struggle for me. Keeping school age kids engaged digitally when they are burned out on hybrid schooling is hard. Going into this fall, I knew that I wanted to provide some opportunities for families to relax and laugh together. I worried at first that I might be met with pushback to do more educational programming (and I am still doing Zoom book clubs and book recommendations), but honestly, I think we all can use something silly right now that helps us forget all the bad things in the world for a few moments. Season two of Epic Athenaeum is in full swing, of course, but we have also released a new series based on the British game show, Taskmaster.

In our version of the show, library employees must complete ridiculous tasks to the best of their abilities. After they’ve completed the tasks, they are subject to the enigmatic Rule Master’s judgment and the scrutiny of the general public on social media. It sounds quite horrifying, but in actuality, it is incredibly hilarious and fun!

We will be releasing these episodes once a month on YouTube, and the winners from the first three episodes will compete in a championship episode in December. Watch the first episode below and look out for more in the coming months!

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