Outfit of the Month: July 2020

I actually don’t have an outfit for this month and I’ve made a decision about these blog posts based on over a year’s worth of data. I’ve always felt that the OOTM posts were a little out in left field compared to the rest of the blog, and I honestly think they’d make nicer Instagram posts than anything else. So henceforth, I will attempt to do an outfit of the month over at the Much Hamsters Instagram and will cease with these blog posts. (I’ve been needing more Instagram content lately anyway.)

Here is a screenshot of my Animal Crossing character inside her beautifully curated library as recompense.

My Animal Crossing villager is wearing a pink-and-white-striped dress and standing in the middle of a richly earth-toned library. The wallpaper looks like wall-to-wall bookshelves. Two very hefty bookshelves are at either end of the far wall with a low shelf with books and other decorative items in between. At the right of the image is a dark wooden study table piled with papers and books and surrounded by matching wooden stools. To the left of the image is a dark chest with a sepia-toned globe and a chess set on top. A fan palm in a tall reddish container stands at the front of the room, adding a little greenery to the scene. The carpet is a mauve color with roses and there is a lace doily rug on top. The whole effect is very studious and cozy.

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