Weekly Nibble: July 31, 2020

Image is an Animal Crossing villager diving into the ocean from a cliff. Caption reads: “Should I go to work tomorrow or should I fling myself into the ocean”

Luckily, this week I haven’t had to choose. (Animal Crossing for days! I have really worked on improving my island and breeding flowers.) Hallelujah for vacation time! While I’ve had a more difficult time than usual trying not to check my email, it has been a welcome reprieve from the cares of the COVID world. I’ve been able to stay home for the most part and choose where I want to go based on my own comfort level rather than feeling like I have to go out of necessity. I’ve turned off my social media notifications, and while that doesn’t mean I haven’t been checking in, it has ensured that I haven’t been spending as much time with it and kept me from going down the rabbit hole of depressing news stories. I do miss people though. I felt like I was just getting used to being around them again finally. Hopefully my week off won’t completely undo the social progress I had made previously. I’m also hoping it will give me a fresh perspective on programming ideas because quite honestly, I was feeling like I had nothing useful going into fall. I want to recharge, but it takes a little longer than it used to with all the stress we are living under.

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