Outfit of the Month: June 2020

A return to cute clothes has been slow for me. I’m not going to lie. Most days I still prefer the ole leggings and a t-shirt combo I had grown to love during our closure. But some days, I feel the pull of summer and I miss dressing to impress and I pull something together that immediately makes me wish I’d worn leggings and a t-shirt instead. It sure looks cute, though! =)

I stand in front of my gallery wall wearing a knee-length white skirt with flowers on it, a navy blue tank top, a cropped salmon-colored cardigan, and a sensible pair of tan heels. Behind me is a dress form with three koinobori banners hanging on it. The lighting is terrible because it was storming that day. Also, I just realized my phone reversed this image.

I couldn’t resist breaking out a few vintage and secondhand finds, some for the first time ever and some for the first time in a while.

My book choice this month is Rebel Belle by Rachel Hawkins. This series starter is a must-read for fans of paranormal romance. It’s a fun ride that features a kick-ass heroine who still appreciates and embraces fashion and other pursuits that are considered (sometimes derogatorily) girly. And she’s a Southern girl. I relate. =)

Navy tank top – Burke’s Outlet purchase (I love that place!)

Cropped cardigan – Old Navy (older item)

Floral skirt, brooch, and hair clip – All vintage finds

Tan heels – Yard sale find

Dainty flower ring (not pictured) – Claire’s (older item)

Rebel Belle Amazon

P.S. I still haven’t gotten a haircut. I’ve been watching a LOT of videos about how to trim your own bangs and I am dangerously close to trying. We’ll see what happens next month. Stay tuned!

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