Weekly Nibble: July 10, 2020

I have been thinking about these blog posts for a few weeks now. They were originally intended to be a small reflection, anecdote, or useful tidbit from each week’s work. With COVID-19 ramping up everywhere and no reopening in sight, I just don’t think these posts are sustainable in a weekly format at the moment. I’ve been struggling each week to come up with something, and without daily interactions with patrons and only facilitating repetitive online programming, there’s truly not a lot to report each week. Any reflection on the profession I was doing before is now consumed by pandemic thoughts and questions, but no one really needs more of that right now.

I’ve made the decision to not pressure myself to do a Nibble each week for the foreseeable future. I will do one when I feel I have something useful to share, but as it stands, it’s just more of the same each week. Writing is a great outlet for me, but I’ve tried very hard to keep this blog away from personal musings as much as possible unless they bleed over into work. I don’t want this to turn into my weekly rant about how COVID is being irresponsibly handled in the United States or a pity party about how burned out I am on digital programming, so I’m going to force myself to reflect each week on whether I actually have something meaningful to share.

I’m not setting a schedule for this, and I hope to be able to get back to weekly posts sometime in the near future. I’ll release Nibbles occasionally and I’ll still release a book post, an outfit post, and a programming post once a month as well. But I need this little reprieve for my own mental health and because I don’t really see these posts as being beneficial right now.

If there is something you’d like to see or are curious about, please let me know. =)

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