Dance Party Workout: At Home or At the Library!

Age Range: All Ages
Time: 45 minutes
Program Type: Drop-In; Online

At the time of writing this post, I’m not sure where we all will be by mid-May. I know this was a sort of target for our organization particularly, in hopes of being back to work, but it’s looking more and more like that target is shifting each day. I don’t know if everyone will still be in a state of quarantine, but I imagine some will, especially those at-risk populations.

That is why this month’s program post is a super simple one that I led several summers ago for On Your Mark, Get Set, Read! I didn’t do very well with a sports-themed summer; sports have never been my thing. When my supervisor told me she wanted me to lead some kind of workout program series, I asked if I could make it dance-based, and thankfully, she agreed! Dancing has always been one of the only ways I can engage in exercise without feeling like I want to die. (Okay, maybe that’s overdramatic, but seriously, I hate exercise.)

We held a session every other week, and I put together a different playlist for each one. They featured several of the same songs so that children would be familiar with the moves after the first few times (if they weren’t already), but I also found a great cumulative series of tutorial videos for a fun dance to Pharrell Williams’s “Happy.” That way, by the end, the kids had learned something totally new and professionally choreographed!

Always make sure you encourage patrons to wear comfortable clothes and hydrate for any program involving physical activity. We provided mini water bottles for our participants.

I am linking all of the playlists here. Each one is roughly 45 minutes long and includes a warm-up and cool-down video. Please feel free to use them for your own Dance Party Workout programs at your library when programming resumes, or share them with families to use at home to burn off some of that pent-up energy from being stuck in the house for so long!

Dance Party Workout

Playlist 1

Playlist 2

Playlist 3

Playlist 4

Notes: Most of these are pretty easy and well known dances that have stood the test of time (or the moves are included in the song).
-For kiddos with different abilities, encourage them to move in their own ways. This is something we’ve always stressed with Thrill the World since our participants have ranged from 4 to over 60 years old from all walks of life. Getting the moves just right is NOT important. Move in a way that is comfortable for you and have fun!
-A tutorial video for Silento’s “Watch Me” is included in the playlist in which it is featured.
-If you aren’t sure how to do the Cupid Shuffle, there’s an easy tutorial here.
-If you don’t know how to do the Macarena, get off my blog! (Just kidding; here’s a breakdown for you.) =)
-For Boogie Shoes, I taught the kids the Electric Slide. Feel free to do something else, or learn it here!
-I’m sure there are probably much more relevant and new dances that the kids probably know, so feel free to use those to spice up these playlists! These are just my old faithfuls that I can whip out without having to think too hard. =)

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