Outfit of the Month: April 2020

Y’all thought you were going to get to see my terrible quarantine bangs again this month, didn’t you? While I have been learning to become a lot more comfortable with the way I look on camera, I honesty haven’t really been putting on regular clothes most days. So this month’s outfit is a little different.

Instead of a book pick this month, I’m going to insert a plug for something that has really helped me personally cope with being at home 24/7 for the past several weeks, and that is Animal Crossing: New Horizons. I have been waiting for another Animal Crossing console installment for years, and while Pocket Camp has held me over for a while, nothing can compare to the big screen glory of New Horizons. The landscapes are gorgeous, the details are amazing, and the characters are as quirky and cute as ever. Never have I loved paying off debt so much (and there is a LOT of debt). There is also the ability for multiple players to play together locally or online, which has not really been an option in a meaningful way that I can remember from the previous installments in the series. I’ve been able to “visit” and voice chat with friends and do ridiculous things like sit on toilets together, hit villagers with nets, and play “Hop Over the Holes.” We’ve visited each other’s museums, shopped in each other’s shops, and sent each other gratuitous amounts of gifts. It’s been wonderful. So this month’s outfit is in honor of the little game that helped me cope.

My Animal Crossing characters stands under a colorful arch of Easter eggs, wearing a brightly colored dress, mint green socks, pink heels, and a bright yellow hat with a large striped ribbon and eggs perched on top. Please note the demon abomination known as Zipper T. Bunny, gazing into your soul from the horizon line.

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