Weekly Nibble: April 24, 2020

This week, I’m putting out a plea! One of my programs that was cut short when we closed the library was an annual Battle of the Books with my outreach book club. Every week, we’d learn about two books and the kids would vote on which one made it to the next round until we narrowed it down to one book and had a reveal party for the winner!

I struggled for a few weeks trying to find a way to continue this until I thought how fun it would be to have the kids send in videos of themselves booktalking or reading excerpts from the books. (The books are at the after-school facility which is still running, although with very limited numbers.) So the director coordinated with the kids, everyone sent me videos, and I put the first one together this week. We traditionally don’t have very high engagement in comments on our posts, and I’m terrified that if these don’t do well, they might get the axe before all the kids’ videos can go on Facebook. Please help a sister and her kiddos out by voting on JCPL’s Facebook page!

If you are reading this, please take a moment to follow this link to the Johnson City Public Library’s Facebook post and comment on the post to cast your vote for which book should move on to the next round! Help us finish our Battle of the Books!

*Disclaimer: Next week’s video will just be me since those two books were not at the after-school facility, but after that, we will be back to the adorable kiddos. Right now, we are planning on releasing them every Saturday if you want to follow along for the ride and vote along the way. =)

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