Weekly Nibble: April 3, 2020

I feel like it took a week or so for the initial shock of what’s happening in our community, state, and country to wear off as the COVID-19 situation swiftly changed every aspect of our lives. However, this past week, I’ve had lots of virtual meetings, both professional and personal, and I finally feel like we are in a place where we can actually think about what’s possible in our new situation.

Youth Services has some great ideas for family engagement on social media floating around, and I can’t wait to make them happen. One of the projects I really wanted to work on from the beginning was bringing my April Book Worms program to the Internet. For that program, I wanted to put together a video of myself going over what Book Worms is, some reading strategies that we use, reading our story, and sharing some extension activity ideas. (Stay tuned for my April programming post.)

I’ve compiled my list of activities to share and finished recording everything, but the last (and most time consuming) part is editing the video together. I actually do love video editing, but I’m very used to simple, open-source software that spells everything out in laymen’s terms. It’s basic, but it gets the job done.

My husband recently put the Adobe Creative Suite on my computer and has been encouraging me to learn Premiere Pro ever since I started expressing an interest in video editing a few years back. So that’s what I’ve been working on this week!

As a test project before I dove into the big work of putting something together for the library, I made a quick blooper reel of my awkward moments while filming. I’ve seen a lot of librarians and library professionals online worrying about things not being perfect when doing these online programs. (And I’m right there with you, believe me.) But I do think it’s important to remember that this is a situation none of us have ever had to deal with before. It’s a learning curve for every single person involved, including those on the receiving end of your programs and services. We are navigating this together, and it’s very important to find humor where you can. I hope this little “highlight” reel helps you laugh and encourages you to try something outside of your comfort zone. The response from your people will be worth it. =)

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