Outfit of the Month: February 2020

This month’s outfit was my Valentine’s day outfit. The weather in Tennessee this winter has been absolutely unpredictable, but for the most part relatively mild. I haven’t been able to wear a lot of my favorite sweaters and heavier winter wear. But Valentine’s Day ended up being one of the most wintry days yet in terms of temperature, so I opted for this soft pink velvet number that I normally love to bust out during Christmas and New Year. This month’s book pic, I must confess, is purely for aesthetic. I haven’t read Deer Valley Girl by Lois Lenski, but I weeded it from our collection a few months back and couldn’t bear to see it go away. It was too adorable!

Please excuse my terribly forced smile. I was rushing to take this picture before work that morning and using the self-timer really sucks. =P

Boots – Repeat from October’s Outfit of the Month

Green heathered leggings – Old Navy (I don’t know if the ones I’ve linked here are the exact same thing, but they look almost identical although it’s hard to tell from my picture. There is also a high-waisted option if you prefer.)

Pink velvet dress & green braided belt – Old Navy; older items

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