Weekly Nibble: March 6, 2020

I know I’m really late with this one, but I did want to scoot it in because I have a huge favor to ask.

Tennessee is attempting to pass a parental oversight bill like the one proposed in Missouri that would give five-member boards the power to remove materials from the public library that they deem “inappropriate.” The bill is a blatant attempt to target specific groups, particularly the LGBTQ+ community, in that it also seeks to bar certain groups from using the library’s meeting space.

The vote on the bill has been deferred twice already. It’s supposed to be voted on this coming Wednesday. Please take a moment to add your voice to those in opposition to this bill at the link below.


It’s very late and I have spent a lot of energy elsewhere writing and talking about this bill so I won’t go into all the details here, but if you’re interested in reading the wording yourself, search for HB 2721 TN. It’s quite scary and I’m afraid what has happened here and in Missouri may set a precedent for copycat bills in other states. We must make sure we are paying attention because I’m pretty sure the general public is unaware that these are being proposed.

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