Weekly Nibble: February 29, 2020

This Nibble is technically coming to you at midnight on Saturday, but since I’m in Nashville this week for PLA, it’s really only 11:00. =)

The conference has been amazing! I gave my presentation on Librarian-in-Training earlier this afternoon, and as far as I can tell, it went over really well! Everyone seemed very excited and very complimentary, and I truly can’t wait to see how they will adapt the program for their libraries!

This week has also been an amazing bonding opportunity for the staff who have come. I’ve always appreciated our amazing staff, but even more so after spending time together like this.

I’m fresh off a night of dancing and a foot soak in the hotel hot tub and we still have some sessions tomorrow, so I’m keeping this Nibble short and sweet, but if you ever get a chance to go to the PLA conference, I highly recommend it! This is my second one and it has been a wonderful experience each time! Head over to the Much Hamsters Instagram for photos from our time in Music City!

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