Weekly Nibble: February 21, 2020

I feel like I’ve been pretty useless this week. I developed a tickle in the throat over the weekend that turned into full-blown sinus issues later in the week. Now it’s just an annoying cough that I’m hoping to shake before we leave for PLA on Tuesday!

That’s another reason I’ve felt useless. I’ve mostly just been finishing up projects, but unable to really start anything new in earnest knowing that I have a conference week coming up. Plus I’m starting to get a little nervous!

I found out this week that my session is one of ten chosen at the conference that “represents the pathway for Public Library Stewards in PLA’s new Professional Development Theory of Change,” which is some new initiative they are rolling out at this year’s conference. I’m not sure what that means in terms of how my session will be promoted and/or talked about, but that’s a pretty huge honor!

If you’re headed to PLA in Nashville next week, my session is scheduled for 2:15 on Friday, February 28 in Room 102! Come hear all about our Librarian-in-Training program and say hello! Be sure to follow the Much Hamsters Instagram for conference shenanigans. There are ten of us going from Johnson City Public Library, and we are all looking forward to spending some time outside the library walls, learning from others in the field and strengthening our professional relationships. =)

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