Outfit of the Month: January 2020

2020 marks our library’s 125th anniversary! We have a range of exciting events planned throughout the year to celebrate this momentous occasion, the first of which happened last month. We hosted a birthday year kick-off event after hours that served as a sort of open house. The super fun part was that each department in the library represented a different time period important in the library’s history. Youth Services was fortunate to be representing the 1960s, which is when we first started offering public storytimes. Our patrons had a timeline card and had to visit each era in our history to learn more about our formation and how we have grown over the years.

Each department was tasked with setting the mood for their particular time period. We opted for a 60’s themed photo booth complete with a cardboard VW Bug, a paper beaded curtain over the Storytime Room door, and music everywhere. We also raided our closets for our best 60s fashion, and that is where this month’s outfit comes in!

Our IT manager snapped this photo while I was searching for books for a patron. I am happy to say that pretty much this entire outfit was thrifted (with the exception of the boots, which were dirt cheap on clearance at Bargain Hunt). The flower crown I made with leftover paper flowers from the beaded curtain. I do wish I had taken some up close accessory photos because I had a pretty great necklace/brooch combo going on. Below is a picture of all of the time periods represented from 1895 all the way up to what we might see in our library in the future! =)

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