Kind-Bomb the Library: Spreading a Little Love

Age Range: All Ages
Time: 30 minutes to 1 hour
Program Type: Drop-In; Passive

This program is perfect any time of year, but especially as February is approaching along with Random Acts of Kindness Week (February 16-23, 2020). Kind-bombing is so simple to do that it doesn’t even have to be a time-allotted sit-down program. You could put these materials out all week as a passive program. But before we jump too far, if you don’t know what kind-bombing is, here is the original post that inspired this program and alerted me to the simple power of anonymous kind messages. The idea is that children (or adults; anyone really) write inspiring and meaningful messages on slips of paper and leave them everywhere in the library: in books, on tables, on shelves, at service desks, anywhere for people to find.

When I did this program a couple of years ago, I actually did it as a sit-down program because of the volume and variety of materials that I wanted available for the participants, but you can go as big or as small as you want with this. It could literally just be a basket of scrap paper with some pencils and signage explaining what to do. (In fact, we had a talented young artist who attended the program that continued to kind-bomb the library for several months afterward using the scrap paper and golf pencils at the OPACs.)

The following are the materials that I had available:
-scrap paper (Ours was a mix of patterned scrapbook paper and colored printer paper. I’m sure everyone has a growing scrap pile all the time. This is a great way to utilize it!)
-punch-out letters
-stickers (Got old summer reading stickers? Use them!)
-washi tape
-stamps & ink pads
-glue sticks
-examples of uplifting phrases and random kind notes we had previously found in the library (These aren’t necessary, but it was fun to show the patrons some of the things we had found before that brought smiles to our faces.)

With these materials, the patrons were let loose with their creativity, and below are some of the sweet messages they created and hid:

In today’s turbulent social and political climate, this program inspires people to look more kindly on their fellow humans and acknowledge the basic emotional desires in us all. Everyone wants to feel loved and important, and this is a great way to remind people they are.

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