Outfit of the Month: December 2019

In my mind, December is not only linked with the holidays, family time, lights, and magic; for the past several years, it has meant Star Wars! And while opinions are highly varied on the franchise since Disney took the reigns (and while I will definitely agree with some of the negative criticisms), it is always a great feeling to return to the Star Wars universe in that theater setting (no matter how shoddy the storytelling may be). =) That’s why this month’s outfit is an ode to Star Wars and the (supposed) finale of the movie series. (Also starring my Christmas tree!)

T-Shirt – CSLP shirt from 2019 summer reading; it seemed like a good fit. =)

Purple cardigan – Old item; can’t even remember where I bought it.

Lightsaber skirt – Old item from Her Universe

Black leggingsWal-Mart

Black boots – Repeat from February’s Outfit of the Month

My book pick this month is a 1983 movie storybook of Return of the Jedi (my favorite Star Wars film) that I unfortunately had to weed out of our collection last year. Luckily, it now has a loving home with me! (The perks of being a library professional, right?)

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