Weekly Nibble: November 22, 2019

At the urging of my husband (who is my adviser in all things Internet/marketing) and in an effort to make my most useful blog posts more shareable, I am excited to announce that I have created a Pinterest account for Much Hamsters! There you will find programming posts divided up by type with accompanying pins for resources and inspiration, as well as links to book reviews and book list posts.

The outfit posts and Weekly Nibbles won’t be there unless they also fit in the book or programming category, so if there’s something in those you’re looking for, you may have to come back and search the blog. However, if there’s a need for those eventually, I’m certainly not opposed to creating pins for them.

Each time I publish new programming or book-related content, I will create pins for those posts as well, and there will be a permanent link to the Pinterest account next to my other social icons on the sidebar of the blog.

I’m sure this will evolve over time, but this is my starting point. Please give it a follow and start saving and sharing ideas! You won’t have to worry about creating pins from posts because it’s already done for you!

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