Outfit of the Month: October 2019

Fall weather has finally begun to show itself, and I could not be more excited! This month’s outfit is just about every color I associate with fall mixed into one comfy package.

I love my spoopy little light-up jack-o-lanterns from Target! Every year they have the cutest lawn decor!

My book pick this month was inspired by a clue I created for our Haunted Library Scavenger Hunt (I hope to share more about this program later). Flashlight by Lizi Boyd is a wordless picture book that follows a little boy as he explores a forest at night with nothing but a flashlight to light his way. Instead of being spooky, however, there is a tone of excitement and discovery as he wanders upon various nocturnal inhabitants of the forest and learns about their environment. The illustrations are mostly black with grey line drawings, but where the flashlight beam lands, the background is a stark white contrast to the black of the rest of the forest, and the creatures and objects it illuminates are featured in vivid color. There are clever little cut-outs that add to the texture of the scenes as well.

Boots – Steve Madden; thrift store find!

Maroon leggings – Repeat from May’s Outfit of the Month

Green jumper dress and yellow cardigan – super affordable finds from Gabe’s! (I love that store!)

Grey t-shirtOld Navy (It’s on clearance right now! Limited sizes available!)

Orange socks – Wal-Mart (older item)

Flashlight bookAmazon

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