Outfit of the Month: August 2019

I got a little complacent with the slow pace last month and barely got this outfit in under the wire. This was taken at like ten o’clock on the last work day of the month! I do love this look though, and it is great for a casual Friday. The top is light and breezy for the warm summer temperatures, but the jeans hint that cooler times are on their way. (I seriously can’t wait for fall this year!)

My “book” pick this month (using the term very loosely) is my battered script I’ve been carrying around for Shakespeare in the Park in September. Two of my colleagues scored parts in this year’s production, The Merry Wives of Windsor, and talked me up to the director so that I also ended up with a small part! I’ve always wanted to try theater, and although I never thought I’d start with Shakespeare, I am super excited! I’d never read this particular play before, but it is downright hilarious and ridiculous, and our production is sure to reflect that! If you happen to be in the Johnson City, TN area the last two weekends of September, come and check us out in Founders’ Park!

Shirt – Flea market find!

Jeans – Thrift store find! (Can be found here for retail price.)

Shoes – Christmas gift from my mom; I love this print from TOMs, but I believe they were limited edition.

Floral Headband – Old find from Ross

The Merry Wives of Windsor – You can get the Kindle edition free from Amazon!

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