Weekly Nibble: August 30, 2019

Anyone else find it hard to get back into the swing of things after a week off? That was definitely the case this week. Luckily, due to our downtime for planning in August, I’m pretty much caught up on everything and it didn’t take long to make up for my vacation.

Next week is our first week of fall programming, which normally I’d be really excited to start seeing my kiddos again. But I’ll actually be out of town in Burlington, Vermont, presenting on my Librarian-in-Training program at the Association for Rural and Small Libraries conference. I’m excited for the opportunity, but sad I’ll be missing out on my first week of programs. Luckily, Kip offered to step in and help with them while I’m away, so everyone send her good vibes. (And me too for that matter! My husband is going with me, but we have a long way to travel and this will be my first time presenting on this program!)

Watch Instagram for updates on Vermont and the conference, and check the next Weekly Nibble to see how it all went!

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