Weekly Nibble: July 19, 2019

One of our preschool librarians spent several weeks in Australia at the beginning of the summer, and this week, she brought in a musty gem of a picture book from her travels that I felt compelled to share.

Larry and Snugbomb by Bill Newman; Photos by Arch Fraley

What can I say about Larry and Snugbomb? It has everything you could possibly want from a children’s picture book: sudden bellowing, pheromone secretion, and a koala in a pram. As a diverse cast of children drag an ungrateful marsupial around town trying to find medical care for it, you are reminded that Australia might as well be a different planet. The back matter taught me more interesting facts about koalas than anything else I’ve ever read. And the best part? There are other installments in this delightful saga. I do hope that Larry and the Bowerbird is about their trip to the disco to complement the amazing 70s photos.

Unfortunately these books are pretty hard to track down, at least here in the States. But if you do manage to snag a copy, you will not regret reading it.

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