Outfit of the Month: June 2019

If you follow Much Hamsters on Instagram, then you’ve already seen a full head-to-toe shot of this month’s outfit. June was super busy, but one of the highlights was our sci-fi/fandom convention, LibCon III: Close Encounters of the Nerd Kind. Myself and several other library staff members worked for months to pull off this large scale event and ended up having almost 900 attendees! It was an incredibly fulfilling day and a program that I’d love to do a collaborative blog post on with my colleagues at some point once things have settled a bit.

For now, please enjoy mine and Kip’s duo cosplay which is also serving as the Outfit of the Month. My love of Jeff Goldblum and Kip’s aspirations to be a quirky yet inspiring film director were a natural fit for this Taika Waititi/Jeff Goldblum recreation.

Leather jacket – Thrift store find (fun fact – This was used several years ago for an Ian Malcolm cosplay, but it works for pure Jeff Goldblum too!)

Black v-neck t-shirtOld Navy on sale for $6!

Jeggings – Yard sale find

Blue leopard print shoes (can be seen on Instagram) – Thrift store find

Black glasses – Dollar Tree (These were also used for my Ian Malcolm cosplay. As it turns out, Ian Malcolm is just Jeff Goldblum. I popped the lenses out because I didn’t actually need the magnification.)

Wool hat – Target on clearance for $6!

Kip’s tropical look is also all thrifted and my bubble purse was definitely an impulse Dollar Tree purchase. =)

For reference and general happiness.

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