Outfit of the Month: May 2019

It seems like almost every day this month, I have worn either a summer reading or space t-shirt and pants with very few exceptions. We have had some sort of promotional visit just about every day, so I always felt like I had to represent. I had a bit of a t-shirt and jeans reprieve (doesn’t sound like something you’d normally be tired of, right?) toward the end of the month as our outreach was winding down.

This month’s outfit hit just the right balance of casual and comfortable, yet still professional. I wore it to work, but then I also wore it to an outdoor concert afterwards (which is where the sun hat came in).

SandalsAmazon (I was fortunate that my mother-in-law found these at a thrift store!)

Maroon leggingsWal-Mart

Floral skirt – Thrift store find! (As a short person, I struggle with longer skirts and dresses. This one can be tied nicely into a knot at the bottom, which prevents me from stepping all over it as I move throughout the day.)

Grey cropped tank top with purple ringed sleeves – Bargain Hunt (older item originally from Target; not easily seen in this picture)

Green cropped cardigan – Hand-me-down

Sun hat – Dollar General (on clearance last summer!)

Owls Are Good at Keeping SecretsAmazon

I chose Owls Are Good at Keeping Secrets: An Unusual Alphabet by Sara O’Leary to go with this outfit for a number of reasons, the first of which is that the cover art matched the color scheme of my outfit perfectly. Secondly, I absolutely adore this non-traditional alphabet book. Each page features a different animal for which that letter of the alphabet stands, but instead of highlighting animal facts, the book shows us a more human take on these creatures.

I cry at happy endings too! Dragons are just like us!

You learn some unexpected things that buck certain stereotypes that you may associate with different animals. For instance, the very first illustration features an adorable alligator sporting a flower crown and holding a bouquet with text that simply states, “Alligators think you’d like them if you got to know them.” In this book, children are sure to see a bit of themselves in the animals featured, and will learn that maybe animals (and people) aren’t always what they seem outwardly. It’s a great lesson in not judging a book by its cover, so to speak, and that even if you look different from someone, if you take the time to get to know them, you may find that you have a lot in common. And doesn’t our world need a little more of that?

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