Outfit of the Month: March 2019

This month’s outfit post more accurately reflects the atmosphere I’d like for these posts to embody: bookish, earthy, and maybe a little contemplative. I will try to include a book along with each outfit that matches in color, tone, or style. I thought I’d start off on the right foot with my favorite author ever, J.R.R. Tolkien, and my beautiful leather-bound copy of The Hobbit. As someone who struggles with seasonal depression and anxiety, spring always feels like it’s a long time coming. Sometimes during late winter, the only thing that can make you feel like spring is almost here is wearing something you’ve never worn before from your spring closet when the weather starts to warm up.

I found this dress at a Goodwill during the winter, and I got so many compliments on it the day I wore it, I new it had to be outfit of the month. My husband had been working hard to clear out the brush behind our house, which coupled with the warmer temperatures, led to this woodsy photo shoot with a feline twist. I can’t wait for adventuring weather to return!

Dress – Goodwill


Hat – K-Mart (Clearance for $6!)

Cat ear ring – Claire’s (Older item)

Tiger enamel pinMimosa Studio

Deluxe edition of The HobbitBarnes and Noble

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