Outfit of the Month: February 2019

As my inaugural outfit of the month post, this one is a little different than what’s to come. I have been formulating over the past couple of months how I wanted this blog to go and what kinds of posts I wanted to include, so I didn’t actually plan ahead for this post, which is why the picture does not properly highlight my outfit. However, I pledge to do better in the future (now that I know I want to do this).

I do not consider myself a fashionista by any stretch of the imagination. These are intended to be fun, bite-sized posts to highlight the nerdy and unique ways in which library professionals express themselves. Most of these will feature yours truly, but who knows? Maybe I’ll find some colleagues to include who don’t mind the harsh scrutiny of the Internet. =)

Also, I really enjoy bargain clothing, so if I have any exciting, thrifty finds, I will probably brag about them here. Without much further ado, I give you my first ever outfit of the month!

We found life in the void of space. (Sing it like Rihanna. You know you want to.)

Or should I say outfits of the month? You’re really getting a great two-for-one deal here with myself (on the left) and my amazingly cool, equally fashionable, and incredibly hard-working partner-in-crime, Kip! (She helps me with outreach programming and is seriously the best.) This photo was taken at a summer reading conference at the King Family Public Library in Sevierville, TN as we learned about all the cool ways to bring “A Universe of Stories” to our patrons this summer! Of course, we had to dress for the occasion! (Photo creds go to my beautiful bean, Shannon!)

If possible, I will try to include links to clothing items, but I must forewarn you, most of my stuff is probably too old to still be in stock.

Black boots – hand-me-downs

Red tights & blue cardigan – Old Navy (older items)

Space dress – Hot Topic (older item – Fun Fact: This dress was my reward to myself for getting through the Eclipse Frenzy of 2017. I’m sure some of you experienced the mass panic for those dang paper glasses too!)

Beaded necklace – Wal-Mart (Clearance rack for $1!)

Gold star hair pin (not easily seen) – JoAnn Craft Store (Clearance!)

Kip’s dress can be found here!

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