New Blog. Who Dis?

Ravicorn at Yama-Con 2016. I was really proud of my glow stick app.

Hello everyone! I have no idea how to start this so I’m just going to jump right in with a little about myself. I have lived my entire life in Tennessee, a state which I have grown to love beyond words for the beautiful scenery, warm-hearted people, and quirky Southern-isms. I’m an only child which probably accounts for a lot of my neuroses. I’m a 90s kid through and through, and I freaking LOVE nostalgia about that time. You wanna reminisce about the Spice Girls and Giga Pets? I’m there. I’m a giant nerd who loves cosplay, anime, and Middle-Earth. I love clothes and all things cute, which I think sometimes leads people to underestimate my intelligence. Quite frankly, it’s irritating and condescending at best and downright infuriating on a bad day. It’s a dream of mine to someday give a TED Talk on the culture of cute and why Americans look down on it so much. I’m married to the sweetest, most understanding man who makes me laugh every day, and I am incredibly thankful for that. I adore my job as School Age Program Coordinator at the Johnson City Public Library in East Tennessee, and every day I am honored to serve our wonderful patrons! I started as a part-time clerk at JCPL in 2012, left for a (very brief) teaching stint in September 2015, and was hired in my current position full-time in February 2016. I have not looked back since.

You’re never too old to play on the swings. =)

Speaking of which, I guess I should touch on my background with literature and libraries. I’ve always loved books from a very young age. My mom has always encouraged me to be an avid reader and writer. I have a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature and a Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education, both of which have served me well in my current position. I hope to start grad school sometime in the next year or so to obtain my MLS. I have worked not only in the public library setting, but school and academic libraries as well. Each have their own sets of challenges and rewards, but I believe that all are vitally important.

I decided to start this blog after completing an internship at Bryce Don’t Play last year. I had been wanting a creative outlet for quite some time, but was unsure if I had the self-discipline to make something like this happen. I also wasn’t sure if I had any original ideas to share that others would find helpful. But after my internship posts seemed to be well-received, I began to think that maybe I did have ideas worth contributing to the world of library programming blogs. This is all very new for me. I’m not a blogger, nor am I actually a blog follower in general. My online interactions with people are mostly limited to a couple of social media outlets, and even then it’s not much. I hope this will inspire me to be more involved in the blogosphere (if that’s even still a term people use) and encourage me to network (a skill I’m not very good at which I will probably whine about from time to time). I hope that you will find some of my ramblings here useful!

The plan for now (because I have to have a plan) is to post two larger posts each month on the first and third Sunday. For now, I plan on those posts being a book review and a programming post. I also plan on doing an “Outfit of the Month” post on the 15th of each month (for the previous month) because I love clothes and I think librarians don’t get enough credit for being super fashionable. I’m also going to try to do a “Weekly Nibble” each Friday evening, which will just be a small anecdote, reflection, or observation from the work week. We will see how this plan works out and please give me any feedback on these as we go along. I love constructive criticism! (No, but seriously, I do.)

One of my favorite cosplay photos. Being Ponyo is super fun!

I’m doing a very soft opening of this blog and putting out content before I publicize it very much. We will see what happens. If you’ve made it this far, I look forward to meeting you, and I hope that if you gain anything from my experiences in the world of Youth Services, you will share your success stories with me! If you have any questions about me that I did not address in this post, feel free to ask in the comments!

Oh! You may be wondering, “What’s up with the name of your blog?” One day, I was sitting at the Youth Services desk and some kids were playing computer games nearby. Out of nowhere, I heard one kid exclaim to another, “I have so many hamsters! Look how much hamsters I have!” It stuck with me because it was so ridiculous and out of context, and while racking my brain trying to think of names for this blog, I told my husband that story, and he suggested “Much Hamsters.” The rest is history. It’s kind of a bonus that hamsters are so freaking adorable, and I was a big fan of Hamtaro back in the day. I even had a pet hamster for a little while in college. It was just meant to be.

So here we go! Bye-Q! (That’s Ham-Chat for “Goodbye!”)

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